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Spine Tingling Theatre presented in
Magical Places and Everyday Spaces

The Babblings Vagabonds know how to tell a story and they know how to engage an audience. This was a show which delighted young and old alike using live action, mime and puppetry to breathe new life into these stories.”

That perfect combination of childish and adult humour. Joyous, inventive, engaging.”

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In association with Derby LIVE we are very excited to present

Naughty Meg & The Christmas Elves

Born in a storm, Meg has always caused havoc.

The naughtiest girl in the world has reduced Mum and Dad to gibbering wrecks, neighbours hide their children from her cruel clutches, even the wasps give this tornado of trouble a wide berth. On one fateful day she upsets the Christmas Elves – and war is declared.

This wickedly comic tale will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever been the slightest bit naughty.

At the Guildhall Theatre, Derby
from Thursday 11th - Sunday 28th December

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Babbling Vagabonds.

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Christmas seems a long time ago but have a little look at the photos from last year and feel all festive again, it may get you in the mood for this year and
Naughty Meg and The Christmas Elves!

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